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How to smoke salmon 4/20 style

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How to smoke salmon 4/20 style Empty How to smoke salmon 4/20 style

Post by Your Mom on Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:55 am

A Jewish Bagel shop has reimagined the phrase "Smoked Salmon" as they claim to have created the world's first weed-infused smoked salmon.

Last April, Denver-based Rosenberg Bagels decided they wanted to do something special for 4/20. Since the consumption of cannibis was legal where they were located, the bagel shop and delicatessen decided to combine it with smoked salmon to create something truly worthy of the special day.

Two ounces of marijuana trim was infused with alcohol in order to safely extract THC. After the trim was strained and the alcohol cooked off, the extra was poured over the salmon to soak. The fish was then cured for 72 hours and then smoked.

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